Lifestyle drinks tea and coffee ...

A good coffee – a must for the vast majority, several times a day. Drinking tea is also "in" – wellness and relaxation. As well as a sustainable lifestyle. We combine tea and coffee with aluminium-free ORGANIC capsules for Nespresso®** or NESCAFÉ®* Dolce Gusto®* machines. For pleasure moments with a clear conscience.


Fast, easy, convenient...

UniCaps customers enjoy a perfect tea and coffee without much effort and in the shortest time. And it is that easy to prepare: Select your favourite drink, insert the capsule, and press the button. And enjoy within a few seconds. Coffee and tea, without having to buy an extra machine. Maximum flexibility – maximum comfort.


That is what we promise to our customers...

Always the same good quality – the capsule machine always prepares the drinks perfectly. Considerable time savings compared to traditional tea and coffee preparation. And: a clear conscience. We offer the alternative to aluminium and plastic capsules: ORGANIC capsules made of renewable raw materials. And our customers must not dispose of hot and dripping teabags or coffee filters any longer.


The portioned capsule owes its high acceptance above all to the worldwide triumphant progress of the well-known coffee capsule systems in the recent years and decades. At UniCaps, we are convinced that the tea capsule market will develop analogously. Millions of capsule machines are used in private homes, offices and hotels. Whether tea or coffee – with UniCaps, customers can now spontaneously decide which drink they feel like having now, without any further effort or without having to buy an additional machine.

Perfect storage: The tea leaves, herbs and fruits that are refined by the UniCaps technology are sensitive. When they come into contact with air, light or moisture, they quickly lose quality. That also applies to the premium ground coffee beans. UniCaps protects the ingredients in sealed capsules from all external influences. In this way, they retain their genuine original aroma and can develop their full flavour during the brewing process.